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Best Free Website Building Services

Not all people like to hire a programmer or a company to create a site for them, especially small business owners. Several people want to do it their self. There are a lot of reasons behind this, perhaps why have a lot of free time or perhaps because they don’t want to spend more money in hiring a professional. There other site building solution, this includes website building services.

Though, selecting the best site builder for you is not simple. So, here are the best free website builders in 2017.


Today, Wix is known to be one of the best site builders. This site has a thousand of available templates that are dependent on the drag and drop interface of the software and it is user-friendly. Creating a website using Wix is almost the same as creating a PowerPoint Presentation. Aside from its amazing customization features, Wix has almost no restrictions in building a site. This makes everything a lot simpler.


Weebly has been known for a long time already and a lot of people have enjoyed using this site builder. Weebly is simply to utilize, clean in the eyes, and provides a lot of options for customizing your site. Similar to Wix, Weebly also utilizes a drag and drop feature for adding elements such as text and images.


This is not like Weebly or Wix or other site builders out there. Webflow is developed for agencies and designers that are well-versed that is seeking to create a site that is interactive on behalf of their customers. Webflow contains CSS and HTML that have complete power. This site builder is not connected to a system of content management. Instead, it provides you ways of creating a website you could then bring over to WordPress or others.

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