Best Touch Screen Radio for Your Car

CDs are almost a thing of the past, right in our home we have all sort of Bluetooth devices and surround sound systems. The majority of our systems are connected to Netflix and Pandora and numerous other media apps that caught our interest. As for our cars, we often see a mix of CDs alongside boring AM and FM radios but there really no need for all of that. Because of the demand and the sheer number of manufacturers, touch screen radios for your cars are affordable and quite easy to install.

Pioneer AVH-280BT

You don’t need us to tell you that Pioneer is a quality branch, you’ve seen them at least once in your life in the form of appliances and other devices; it’s safe to say that Pioneer is one of the best brand to look into for car stereos. Pioneer offers more than a dozen varying models for car stereos and each with their very own unique set of features. If you compare the prices of Pioneer touch screen radios with other brands, the ones by Pioneer are obviously a bit more expensive but that’s to be expected since you are paying for the quality.

The Pioneer AVH-280BT is able to play just about any file format. Not only that but it offers around five different on-screen languages and is packed with amazing features in order to provide the best experience for the users. With a screen that’s 6.2 inches large, the WVGA Touch screen has an LED backlit; regardless of the lighting condition, users will easily see the screen. The Pioneer AVH-280BT contains double DIN chassis and should be able to fit into any car that supports double din. The USB connection is found in the front and can either charge your device or stream music from it.

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