Dewalt Miter Saw: Differentiating between the Miter Cut and the Bevel Cut

A Dewalt Miter Saw cut makes a cut at 90 degrees across the entire width of the workpiece. Miter cuts are always measured in square cuts. The blade of the Dewalt Miter Saw should be at an angle on the horizontal part of the wood. The Miter cut is made by pushing the wood flat on the table and is cut at an angle to the blade.

The Bevel cut makes various cuts but not 90 degrees across the thickness of the wood. The bevel cut is usually measured on the square-edge cut. The blade should be at an angle on the vertical part of the wood. The bevel angle changes with the board edge. The blade angle has to be adjusted to the surface of the piece.

Identifying the Difference between Bevel Cut and Miter Cut

To identify the difference between the bevel cut and the miter cut, you will have to see where the cut has been made. The bevel cut is the angled cut which is made along the edge or at the end of the wood material to be cut. The miter cut is made as an angled cut which is on the fact of the 2 structures. It is joined together at the corner called the miter joint. The crosscut makes a cut that is at a  perpendicular angle to the grain of the wood. The rip cut is made parallel to the wood grain.

As the miter cut and the bevel cut are almost similar, it is a bit confusing even to the most technical experts. As both cuts of the Dewalt Miter Saw are made for various purposes that are not similar, it is best to identify between the two cuts to make the job of wood cutting made easier and enjoyable.

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