Earning Gold In Clash Royale

What will you tell your friends if ever they ask you what’s the most significant part of Clash Royale? Well, you should answer them “GOLD!” Yes, gold is a very significant thing that each player wants and needs. You could almost do anything, from upgrading your units up to purchasing new cards. In this article, we are going to tell you how to quickly earn that gold. You don’t have to use cheats für Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. All you need is patience.

Chest Opening

The easiest and quickest method in earning gold coins is by opening chests. Opening gold, silver, and even free chest could improve your possibility of earning more gold. Also, you could get a great set of gold if you open a crown chest.

A crown chest only is available once every day. And, before obtaining and opening one, you have to win at least ten crowns. Just keep in mind always, the more you win matches, the more gold you would earn. Also, you may obtain a rare chest if you are lucky enough. A rare chest gives you the chance of earning a huge amount of gold.

Card Donation

The 2nd greatest method of earning gold in the game is through card donation. Don’t think of it as a stupid move. Just do the calculations. Keep in mind that every time you donate a common card, you could earn 5 gold coins and extra experience. For rare cards, you could earn up to 50 gold coins.

The principle here is like selling a card to a clan member. However, the clan member isn’t paying you, it is the game itself. The game is paying you back for your good actions.

You should not worry about losing your cards, you could always request back.

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