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Exclusive Sports Blog for NFL Fans

NFL is one of the favourite game of Americans and everyone is always looking out for a sports blog which can provide them with the accurate and exclusive information about their favourite game and the favourite player. There is a new sports blog launched by City Sports and here is the link for the blog

This is one of the best blogs to get the news about NFL and let us now look at some of the features of this blog.

  • Videos – The blog updates latest videos about the latest video clippings of the players and the blog has exclusive videos which are not available on any other blog. The NFL fans are surely willing to pay any amount to get these videos but these are all available here for free.
  • News – The blog also uploads the news about the game as and when the news is made available. In addition to this, the website uploads the information in a team wise format where you can find the news about your favourite team under one single section
  • Articles – The blog also consists of articles written by top sports experts who provide latest articles along with the games stats and other such information. These articles provide a lot of information about the game.
  • Games – The blog also has ongoing contests on this sports blog which basically enables the user to get rewarded for betting and speculating the results of the game. These competition on the blog are really interesting and not many blogs have this feature.

If you had been looking for a good sports blog then you can surely follow this one as the blog comes with a lot of additional features and the blog is updated with the latest news on regular basis.

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