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Hire The Best Segways In Stockholm

Segways are in demand these days and a lot of youngsters are investing in them. This 2 wheel self balancing scooter is fun and you can enjoy moving around on it once you’ve learnt the skill. If you’ve got one but you don’t know how to use it, these simple tips for beginners will help you a long way. A number of people are talking about the Segway Stockholm tour and for good reason too.

#1 – Balance Yourself

The first thing you need to know about the segway is how to balance your body on it. Although the segway is designed to keep you balanced, the initial fright of falling off it makes you unstable and you tend to trip off. In order to balance on the board you need to get on it and leave anything that you’re holding on to for support. Relax your body and try to stand straight. The more you bend, the more unstable you’ll get. Handy tip for beginners: Once you’re on it, push both your feet to either ends of the segway for support. Practice this couple of times and you’ll manage to balance your body on the segway.

#2 – Climb Low Elevations

Once you’ve learnt how to balance and move forward, try to move over small elevations. Go outside of the uneven roads and move ahead on them. This is not tough to do, but you might feel the jerks which can scare you, so don’t try high elevations just yet. When you’re going over the elevation lean your body forward. This will help you build up the required speed to move over it with ease. Don’t stop just before the elevation or you will not be able to get the desired momentum needed to get over the elevation.  This not only helps you to get more comfortable on the segway, it makes you use it more often.

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