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Kim Kardashian Before Plastic Surgery

Just take a look at the photos of Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery, and you would wonder who the present Kim Kardashian is. The celeb is rumored to have had various plastic surgeries performed on her, transforming her completely through the years.

The Before and After Picture

If you just look at her lips, you will definitely say that she has had fillers, as the lips are more pronounced and delicately arched. Her sexy cleave is more sexy and noticeable, which people say is because of a breast lift, and not associated with pregnancy alone. With her age, Kim has an extremely flawless skin. She looks younger now than what she looked 9 years ago. Renowned plastic surgeons have stated that age first shows on the skin and, but with Kim, she has grown younger with tightening treatments performed on her skin. Just take a comparative look at pictures of Kim Kardashian before 9 years and her present pictures will need no explanation but will be a definite proof of treatment undergone.

The wonder of wonders, even the stretch mark is removed and her taut stomach muscles are envied even by young celebs. Her butt enhancement is the most obvious transformation made. She has had a doctor prove that she had not made any changes, by having an X-ray of her butt to prove it.  People also say that maybe the fat from her legs had been treated with liposuction to be transferred to her butts.

Active Denial

It is a known fact that celebs do not disclose any such treatments made about plastic surgery and actively deny it saying that theirs is a natural beauty. Kim Kardashian has actively denied any changes made on her body. Plastic surgery does miracles to a body but has its drawbacks too. Unless celebs keep the changes to a limit, they have to watch out.

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