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Knowing More About Nose Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty helps to increase or reduce the nose size. You can also change the shape or the size of the nose. The structure of the nose can be changed at the bridge, the nostrils or at the tip.

If you are not satisfied with the shape or structure of your nose, you can get your nose perfected through nose plastic surgery Toronto. You need to be physically fit to be able to undergo nose plastic surgery. You can consult with the surgeon, to get more details on the surgery.

Knowing More about Nose Surgery

  • You will first have to consult with your surgeon`, about the surgery to take place.
  • The surgeon will examine the structure of your nose and evaluate the nasal bones and cartilages. You entire facial features and the overlying skin will also be examined.
  • After the examination, the surgeon will give his opinion on the surgery.
  • The entire nose plastic surgery Toronto will last for just a couple of hours. You can just be an outpatient.
  • You may be given either local or general anesthesia.
  • Incisions will be made on the nostril or even at the nose base. The cartilage and the inner bone will be reshaped to the desired shape.
  • You will require a nasal splint for one week after the nose plastic surgery Toronto.
  • The swelling and some bruises will remain for about a week. Minor swelling that is not very visible will remain for a few months. You will get the final shape only after every swelling is healed.
  • You should avoid arduous work for 3 to 4 weeks after the nose surgery.

It is best to consult with your surgeon to know more about your nose plastic surgery Toronto so that you can know the details in advance and be prepared for it.

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