Oddsmonkey – earn money online

Oddsmonkey is basically a matched betting platform, which let the individual to make an extra source of money. It consists of everything that a candidate expects from a best-matched betting service provider. It provides the free trial which includes the two bookie offer that can easily make you up to 45 euro. There are a lot sign-up and existing customer offers. They always provide each and every step in detail, guiding the individual how to do offer. So the person doesn’t take any wrong step.


The subscription fee of this platform is 15 euro per month. It is very cheap as compared to the other platforms. The annual fee is 150 euro, a person can avail few discount by availing the annual offer. It provides the customer access to all of its tools in this fee only.


It has a list of sign-up offers that are available for the individual. The list of sign up offer is not exhaustive. Once the offers are completed, they can’t be used again and again. It also extends the customer offers. They are updated time to time. It provides the individual calendar. It shows the each day offers and shows much a person can expect to make from them.


It is available seven days a week. The candidate can email or fill the form. The sad part is there is no supportive phone line; most of the times a person require urgent help. Well, get over it, there is a matched betting forum, where the person can post their problem and avail the help.

Overall the oddsmonkey review is positive as it has a lot to offer to the individual and provides their best services to the customers in order to help them and show them direction to make extra money.

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