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Processes Carpet Cleaning Irvine Can Do for Quality Carpet Cleanliness

Professional carpet cleaning Irvine uses several techniques to clean up carpets, depending on how dirty it is. If the carpet is not that dirty, they can simply do dry cleaning or shampooing. However, heavily dirty carpets probably requires steam  cleaning. Knowing more about these processes can help you to decide about the service you will avail.

Efficient Processes Expert Carpet Cleaning Irvine Can Do

Professional carpet cleaners can employ various cleaning methods in doing their tasks. This may vary depending on the condition of the carpet, or with the service that you will avail. These methods are:

  1. Dry Cleaning

This is the basic method of carpet cleaning that experts use. If a carpet is not that dirty at all, they can simply add cleaning powder on the carpet and leave it for few minutes. The powder will absorb the dirt, dust and stains in the carpet, and the cleaner will remove it using vacuum.

  1. Shampooing

This technique uses a special shampoo, and can be done together with dry cleaning. The cleaner will apply the shampoo on the carpet, and let the carpet absorb it. After which, the cleaner will remove the shampoo and the mess in the carpet using vacuum cleaner.

  1. Steam Cleaning

If the carpet is too dirty for dry cleaning and shampooing, steam cleaning is the answer. The carpet cleaner will place the carpet in a special machine filled with water. The machine will then apply high pressure and temperature to the carpet, enough to clean it up but not cause any damage. This can surely clean all the dirt, dust, particles and microorganisms in your carpet.

You just have to connect with expert carpet cleaning Irvine, and inquire about the services they can provide. Moreover, show them your carpet, for them to know what approach or method they should do to clean it for you.

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