Reasons To Hire A Drunk Driving Lawyer

No one has drinkto tell you that being charged with DUI has serious consequences that not only affect your records but basically your entire life. Driving under the influence and being caught will require a drunk driving lawyer because the specific case has to be evaluated and you’ll need an experienced professional to speak up for in your case.

People who are convicted of DUI in Florida for the first time face a handful of legal consequences including mandatory DUI schools, a maximum of 6 months in jail, a minimum of 50 hours of community service, probation that lasts a year, impoundment of the vehicle and a $250-$500 fine apart from the court costs.

NeJame Law

Being charged with drunk driving, regardless where, will be governed by something called the ‘Ten Day’ rule. The Ten Day rule basically states that the convicted driver has a maximum of ten days from the official arrest date to process their request for the formal review hearing. The hearing also entitles the convicted to challenge the official Administrative Suspension of their driver’s license. If the hearing was successfully processed within the initial ten days then they’ll be issued a temporary license. If the request has exceeded the initial ten days then the suspension of the driver’s license will remain; the Administrative Suspension will be enforced for 6 months to 18 months, depending on the case.

Defending a DUI case will require professional skills, vast knowledge of the relevant law as well as experience with the particular criminal justice system. NeJame Law’s experience comes from representing thousands of clients who were also charged with DUI cases. Any professional drunk driving lawyer will carefully review the cases that they’re handling in order to determine if the client was unlawfully charged by the authorities.

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