Slessor & Periard – A Provider of Practical Insurances in Barrie

There’s no denying that insurance companies or brokers with better reviews and longer history are sought more compared to the newly established ones. If that’s also what you prefer then Barrie insurance, Slessor & Periard Insurance LTD’s 75 years in the industry offering practical insurance coverage from renowned companies might be just what you’re looking for. Simply contacting them online or paying a visit will help you better understand the packages as well as the company itself; the customer service representatives or agents will be more than happy to assist you.

Personal Insurances Available

  1. Personal Umbrella Liability – not only will you be covered but so will every other insurance packages that you bought; these are additional coverage apart from the current limits. Take note that this will only take effect once all the other policies under your name have been exhausted; you can think of it as another blanket of coverage for your ATV, auto, home or boat.
  2. Auto Insurance – there are insurance coverage for all your automobile, snowmobiles, ATV and motorcycles. The coverage includes protection for you and your family in case of an unfortunate auto accident; coverage for bodily injury, medical payments and property damage are available.
  3. Home Insurance – this basically covers the homeowner and the home itself alongside the contents and the loss of its use and personal belongings. Liability insurance is offered in cases where the owner or someone gets injured within the insured property.
  4. Tenants/Contents Insurance – insurance coverage for the contents or property within a rented home or apartment; liability insurance is also included. Keep in mind that it will not cover the structure itself, but there is coverage for the inside charges; this basically includes parts like new flooring and home upgrades.

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