Softwash Vs. High Pressure Washing: What’s The Difference?

Decks in households, especially those near pools are prone to a lot of dirt build-up, especially the fact that they are more exposed to outside elements than other parts. This exposure leaves them favourable for growth of mold and algae, which in turn could cause unsightly stains on the decks. To help counter this, a deck cleaning Tulsa service is important to hire. Normally, you would be faced with two kinds of contractors, one that makes use of Soft Washing, and others that make use of High Pressure washing. Which one is worth hiring? Let’s find out below.

Soft Washing

As the name suggests, this is one that makes use of low pressure in getting rid of dirt, making surfaces cleaner. This is of better use of surfaces that are more delicate, such as stucco, asphalt roofing, and vinyl sidings. It makes use of solutions and various detergents that wash away the grime and dirt that has accumulated. In soft washing, much of the work is done by these detergents, as the pressure is much lower, with the usual rating at being less than 500 PSI, which is what sets it apart from High Pressure washing.

High Pressure Washing

For tougher surfaces and for tougher stains, High Pressure Washing is the perfect choice for you. This is because through the kinetic energy, the water molecules act like little hammers that “knocks out” the molecules of dirt that have managed to settle on the surface for years. This makes a lot of surfaces look good as new, but of course, even better care should be observed whenever you use them. This is because too much high pressure could end up damaging surfaces, especially soft ones. Because of this, always coordinate with your Tulsa OK handyman properly by telling them what surface you would want to be cleaned.

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