Some Tips for Uangteman Customers

Uangteman is one of the most popular money lending services in the whole of Indonesia. This is because it allows you to lend, simply through their app, without having to go through a lot of what you would usually go through when availing of lending services. One of the things that make it even more unique, is the kode promo uang teman, which opens a world of perks to those who wish to avail. As easy as it may seem, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that Uangteman customers are also subject to company policies and other requirements. Having said that, here are some precious tips everyone who wishes to avail of their services should keep in mind.

Stay on Your Phone as Often as You Can

Representatives have a queue system for transactions that are made through the app. They call on a first-come, first-serve basis, and if you don’t answer the call, you would be scheduled at a later date, and thus cause further delay.

Always Give Correct Data

Make the job easier for representatives of the company who scour records from hundreds of people who avail of loans. Be as transparent as possible, and fill up the form through the app as accurately as possible to prevent any form of delay and ambiguity. The less complete the filling-up of forms, the slimmer the chances of you being entertained.

Obey Terms and Conditions

It is a must in all companies you avail services of for you to obey their terms and conditions. For your relationship to be smooth, make it a point to follow what’s placed on their webpage.

Loan only for Useful Things

It is the responsibility of the company to not put you in debt that you don’t really have to be in, and it is also their duty to make sure that you don’t engage in a debt you can’t pay in due time. Make your reason for debt as justifiable as possible.


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