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The Best Trampoline According To Trampoline Fanatics

Saying that there are a lot of trampolines available in the market is an understatement; there are thousands of varying brands, types, kinds, sizes and safety available for customers. Customer reviews are incredibly helpful when picking the most ideal trampoline for you, but what do the enthusiasts have to say? Our friends at trampoline fanatics have put together a list of, what in their opinion, are the best trampolines.

Zupapa 15

Made with German efficiency, the Zupapa is measured at 15 feet with a circular shape. Offering quality engineering, it’s made for fun and is TUV certified as safe. The safety enclosure rises about 6 feet from the jumping mat and the materials used are durable. A pole supporting the enclosure netting that’s attached to the frame of the trampoline is placed in two different locations, making sure that everything is as sturdy as can be. The mat itself is securely attached to the galvanized steel frame with the help of 108 galvanized steel springs; this is a good numbers since the average trampoline only has 95 springs. The galvanized frame alongside the springs creates a sturdy and safe jumping experience for the users.

Zupapa 15 increases the maximum jump height possible, which is exactly the reason why the enclosure netting is bigger and stronger compared to the typical ones. Apart from these features, the Zupapa can handle an outstanding 375 lbs capacity in weight. To summarize your pros, the Zupapa is TUV certified, has a high net, incredible weight capacity and a sturdy and springy mat. The only downside, except for the size which might not be ideal for some, is that the Zuppa 15 is available in only one color. Germany is already known for manufacturing some of the top products in the world and the Zuppa 15 has lived up to that.

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