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The Ultimate Guide to Motivation

What a lot of people may not realize is that losing motivation can be dangerous; it doesn’t possess immediate danger to your well-being but the decisions you make while in the state of no motivation will have considerable consequences in the future. So if you feel like the motivation is slipping away, grab at it; some do it with force but others read articles and motivational quotes to keep them going. If you’re part of the latter we highly recommend because of all their informative articles regarding the science behind motivation and their inspirational quotes.

Motivation Ping

Motivation Ping is an incredibly helpful website for those that are losing their motivation, want to experiencing a bit of self-affirmation and learn how to jumpstart their goal setting. The website is complete from explanations through a scientific point of view, to examples and motivation words from famous people who were known to face great adversity. Before you doubt that anything of it is helpful or that you already know the information that they can offer, give it a try and you might be surprised.

There’s something about knowing a person has faced incredibly difficult challenges in life and come out of it stronger, it strikes you as ‘if they could do it then so can I’. Take note that the categories for their motivational quotes is still in development but the ones that are posted are golden. At the end of the day, reading all the motivational quotations and articles available will not help if you don’t make the effort to help yourself. Even if you start small at a constant daily pace then in no time you’ll be able to catch a glimpse at your goal. Never make the mistake of procrastinating because it will only delay the inevitable.

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