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Twitter Hacks To Get More Followers

Oftentimes, the life in Twitter can be messy. You follow thousands of individuals – maybe just hundreds. Gazing at the timeline is probably the same as reading a stock ticker.

How can we deliver organization in our Twitter life? How can we soar beyond the misunderstanding, cut through the difficulty, and turn into a Twitter superstar?

The answer is you need to learn some hacks. These hacks are used by Toronto’s best SEO internet marketing firm. You will turn into a Twitter professional in no time once you pick up these tips.

  1. Create a Follow List

This hack is for individuals who want to turn their Twitter feed into a swift and streamlined way of retrieving the info you only want. Simply make a follow list.

As stated by Twitter, a list is a curated twitter user group. You could subscribe to a list created by someone or you could make your own. Watching a timeline list would show you a flow of Tweets from the users only on the list.

To create a list, first, click on your profile. Then, click more. Next, click lists. Then, click “Make new List”.

  1. Know what Lists You are On

You could know what public lists you have been added to for you to measure your level of popularity. You can find this by clicking on “Member of” from the lists page.

You would get the idea of how you are recognized on Twitter by knowing what list you are on. You could either be a member or digital marketer lists or SEO lists.

  1. Use Hashtags

The more engagement you will get on the tweets if you use a lot of hashtags. A tweet with a hashtag is confirmed to gain information, enhance reputation, have more followers, and double the rate of engagement.

  1. Tweet When Your Followers Are Online

It is more likely that each brand has its own set of great tweet times, rather than a best universal tweet time.

Try to tweet whenever your followers are most active since they will most likely to see your tweet. You could know the activity of your followers with Twitter tools such as Tweroid and Followerwonk.

  1. Use Search Operators

The search bar of Twitter looks unassuming and humble. However, it has a great amount of power. You could unlock this power using a search operator.

  1. Use Advanced Search

The name itself explains it, “advanced” search. With the amount of info being tossed out by people each day, there’s a million of available good info for searching,

The best way to find that info is through advanced search.

You could use this if you aren’t skilled at using search operators. This will let you stitch a targeted and accurate search together.

Here are few advanced search features:

  • Search for retweets
  • Search for tweet questioning
  • Search for tweets that are negative
  • Search for tweets that are positive
  • Search for a tweet happening within a specific date frame
  • Search for a tweet sent near a certain area
  • Search for individuals mentioning particular accounts
  • Search for individuals tweeting to particular accounts
  • Search for individuals from particular accounts
  • Search based on any supported languages of Twitter
  • Search hashtags
  • Search for an exact phrase
  • Search based on a given word set
  • Search for any combination of all of the above
  1. See What has Access

There might be a lot of applications that have access to your account as you link your Twitter life with all other parts of your life online. You might want to clear up some stuff by clicking “revoke access”.

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