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Using Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Cannabis was proven to have the capacity to treat various diseases, including those which are considered as big threats to health. It’s observed to have the capacity to cure HIV, hepatitis and even cancer, thus legalization of medical marijuana is indeed a good step for many. This is also why is medical marijuana legal in Illinois, hence you can have it for your health’s benefits.

How to Use Medical Marijuana in Illinois?

For you to use marijuana for medical purposes in Illinois, you should follow certain procedures to acquire permission in doing so. This is for you to avoid legal disputes, as it’s still illegal to possess, cultivate, sale or traffic cannabis in the said state.

  1. You should have a doctor’s prescription or recommendation at the first place. It should be your physician that would tell that you need marijuana for medical purposes. Acquire a prescription or recommendation note signed by your doctor.
  2. Register under the state for you to be permitted. Bring the recommendation note of your doctor to the respective government office, and get yourself registered to use medical marijuana. You’ll be given an ID card that would serve as your proof that you’re already registered.
  3. After registration, remember to abide with the rules regarding medical marijuana. Don’t use cannabis for some other purposes, including recreational activities and selling. Your registration cannot help you if you go beyond its rulings and prohibitions.

It’s good that it is medical marijuana legal in Illinois! You can now have proper treatment with your disease, especially if you need cannabis for it. You just have to remember to follow the stated procedures to get yourself registered, for you to avoid legal disputes when using it up. Further considerations and argumentations are currently going on for more people to have the medical benefits of cannabis.

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