What’s A Car Health Monitor?

You are not the only one confused on what a car health monitor really is. A lot of individuals have scratched their heads too when they 1st heard about it. However, we could guarantee to you that a car health monitor isn’t really that complicated – or huge – also, they are somehow cheap. Just read some Fixd review. So, what really is this device? Well, you could really tell from the name alone. It is a device that monitors the health of your vehicle.

These gadgets, once installed to your car, could detect the issues and would notify you whenever it is time to bring your vehicle to the mechanic for some repairs. It could even alert you why your check engine light is on.

How do they Work?

How can a car health monitor gather data from your vehicle? That is the 1st question that most people ask whenever they try to buy this stuff. Well, the design may surprise you.

Though every model is unalike, the main idea is very similar:

  • A sensor is installed to the OBD2 Port of your car
  • The Sensor connects to your mobile phone.

You would create a new account once you have installed the mobile application. Next, link the phone to the OBD2 Port of your car. Then, link the application using Bluetooth or WiFi. You would begin getting data about your vehicle once connected.

Do All these Devices Work with Each Car?

A lot of individuals assume automatically that they cannot utilize these car health monitor since they are driving a car from the past. However, there is a great possibility that you could still utilize a car health monitor even if your vehicle was developed before the modern mobile phones. As long as your car has OBD2 port, you are good to go.

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