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Steam Website Relaunches (September.05.2006)
The Steam website has gotten a makeover courtesy of Valve's web design team, so now you can find your favorite games even faster. Don't forget that the Steam version of SiN Episodes: Emergence recently dropped in price and can be downloaded for just $14.95 plus tax.

SiN Episodes Merchandise! (August.18.2006)
Those of wanting to get some cool new SiN Episodes swag can check out the newly added Merchandise section of the site, where we have posters, t-shirts, and even a CD version of the Emergence soundtrack. More items will be added in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

SiN Episodes Interview on Firing Squad (August.18.2006)
There's a new SiN Episodes interview on Firing Squad, talking with the Levelord, Shawn Ketcherside and Ken Harward about Emergence and the future of the series. Have a read!

SiN Episodes: Emergence Now Only $14.95! (August.10.2006)
SiN Episodes: Emergence is now available on Steam for the new low price of $14.95! Included in this offer are the original SiN, SiN 1 multiplayer, SiN Episodes Arena Mode, and SiN Episodes multiplayer (coming soon). Click here to find out more!

Ritual Editing Community Wiki Now Online! (July.27.2006)
To go along with the just-released SiN Episodes SDK (see below), we've put together the Ritual Editing Community Wiki containing editing documentation and tutorials for SiN Episodes, Star Trek Elite Force II and Heavy Metal FAKK2. Of course, it being a Wiki means that any member of the Ritual Editing Community can add new tutorials as well as edit existing information. All you need to do is register an account. It's free!

SiN Episodes SDK Released! (July.27.2006)
We have just released the Software Development Kit (SDK) for "SiN Episodes: Emergence" over Steam. The SDK allows players to create new single-player levels, new Arena Mode maps, and additional content for the "SiN Episodes" universe and can be installed from the Tools tab inside the Steam client.

SiN Episodes Statistics Site Live (July.20.2006)
For a while now we've been compiling the statistics uploaded to us by SiN Episodes players and we have now put together a comprehensive Statistics section full of fascinating information about how you guys play the game. On top of that, we also have a page listing the top 10 highscores for all the Arena maps released so far, so you can see how you compare to the best players in the world!

SiN Episodes: Emergence Now Shipping in Germany! (July.20.2006)
The German version of SiN Episodes: Emergence is now available in retail stores across Germany and on Steam! The German version also comes with Arena Mode out of the box, so you can start fragging those pesky grunts right away!

SiN Episodes Update Released! (July.18.2006)
A little sooner than expected, the SiN Episodes update mentioned below is now available! Restart your Steam clients to automatically download and install it.

New SiN Episodes Update This Week! (July.17.2006)
We're going to release a new SiN Episodes: Emergence update sometime this week, adding a couple more fixes and features, and, best of all, three brand-new Arena Mode maps! Here's the list of planned changes, followed by screenshots of the new maps:
  • Added three new Arena Mode maps (The Pit, Behind Zee Beaker, Vertigo)
  • Added confirmation prompt when deleting Arena Mode scores
  • Added opt-out stats collection for the regular campaign on the main menu
  • Added foreign translations for Arena Mode dialogs
  • Fixed issue where all secrets could not be collected in final map
  • Fixed issue where context look triggers could get "stuck" and the context look icon would appear for the remainder of the level
  • Fixed issue where Arena Mode rounds would end approximately 2 seconds too early
  • Fixed issue where players could be killed after the "Game Over" screen in Arena Mode
  • Fixed issue where stats exported to HTML from an Arena Mode game were incorrect
  • Fixed issue where players would get stats credited for the actions of NPC's
  • Fixed issue where subtitles would not appear during all of the "Next Episode" preview
  • Fixed issue where mutagenic gas would cause screen to black out on Radeon 9000, 9200 and 9250 series cards.
  • Fixed issue where player could not turn left or right using the keyboard without disabling the mouse.

SiN Episodes: Emergence Now Shipping in Russia (July.17.2006)
We're happy to announce that a completely localized version of SiN Episodes: Emergence has shipped in Russia and is now available at retail stores throughout the country!

Mutants, Machine Guns And A New Arena Mode Descend On Germany With SiN Episodes: Emergence (June.26.2006)
Grab a frag grenade and suit up for a futuristic fight for humankind�s fate! Today, Ritual Entertainment announced that SiN Episodes?: Emergence for the PC, one of the first-ever full quality episodic action games, will be available July 20 in Germany for download via the Steam? distribution platform (, as well as distributed by EA for retail stores, for �19.99. Introducing a new single player Arena Mode, this release delivers increased re-playability to the first of a series of ground breaking, intense, affordable game episodes to fans in Germany and world wide. Read more...

SiN Episodes Update Relased - Arena Mode Available Now! (June.26.2006)
A new update for SiN Episodes: Emergence is now available and includes, among other things, the long-awaited Arena Mode add-on! If you've never heard of Arena Mode, here's what it's all about:

Arena Mode is an all new competitive single player experience where you face off against an onslaught of SinTEK foes. The longer you survive, the higher your score, but this is no ordinary challenge. Every moment you�re in the game, the Personal Challenge System continues to shift the difficulty, keeping the pressure on. This makes Arena Mode an infinitely repayable single player mode where you continually try and beat your high score.

On top of that, Arena Mode also allows you to record demos of your finest moments that you can share with your friends. We are also working on getting a statistics website up soon, so you can see how you stack up compared to the rest of the world.

The patch also contains these fixes and additions:

  • Added Arena Mode
  • Added 4 Arena Mode Maps (Highrise Lobby, The Office, Turbine, U4 Processing Station)
  • Exposed some additional statistics from the Personal Challenge System
  • Updated manual with additional troubleshooting information, Arena Mode documentation
  • Minor asset rearrangement required for upcoming SDK release
  • Fixed issue where "Pipes & Crates, Inc." phone message would not play
  • Fixed visual issue with Elexis hologram on some DirectX 7 cards
  • Fixed issue where security bots could not be damaged from certain locations in Highrise
  • Fixed some closed captions
  • Fixed minor issues with U4 Lab 02
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
You can download the update by restarting your Steam clients.

Signed SiN Episodes Retail Copy Giveaway (June.26.2006)
Game Overdrive is giving away a signed retail copy of SiN Episodes: Emergence. Check out their contest page for all the details!

Dev Diary: GIANT Update! (June.22.2006)
Shawn and Tom spill the latest information about the upcoming release of Arena mode, the statistics tracking website, the SDK, Episode 2, and all the crazy details from E3 2006! Read the latest blog to get the inside info!

SiN Episodes interview on Ritualistic (Jun.16.2006)
There's a new SiN Episodes interview on Ritualistic, speaking with the Levelord and lead programmer Ken Harward about the response to Emergence, and the upcoming Arena Mode and SDK releases. Have a read!

The Hollywood Reporter Looks at Episodic Gaming (Jun.16.2006)
The Hollywood Reporter has published an extensive feature on episodic gaming, quoting Valve's Gabe Newell and our own Levelord among others. Check it out!

SiN Episodes: Emergence Music Post-Mortem (May.30.2006)
Music4Games has published a SiN Episodes: Emergence music post-mortem, written by Ritual's audio director Zak Belica. Zak talks about the different themes in the game and the inspiration for them. Take a look!

Steve Nix interviewed on GameOn Podcast (May.30.2006)
Ritual CEO Steve Nix was interviewed in the latest episode of the GameOn Podcast, where he talked about SiN Episodes and episodic content. You can grab the entire 40-minute episode on this page.

Ritual Entertainment Launches SiN Episodes: Emergence in Europe (May.26.2006)
Ritual Entertainment's SiN Episodes�: Emergence for the PC, the first-ever episodic action game, is now available in retail stores throughout the European territories, excluding Germany, in addition to being downloadable online via the Steam� distribution platform ( Read more...

Ritual Podcast: Creating the Emergence Theme (May.26.2006)
We've got a new episode of the Ritual Podcast for you today, with audio director Zak Belica explaining how he went about creating the main theme for SiN Episodes: Emergence. The episode is stuffed with various iterations of the theme, so head on over to the Ritual Podcast page and give it a listen!

Developer Diary: Feedback, Zee Germans & The Future (May.24.2006)
A new installment of Shawn's Blog is up, jam-packed with all kinds of information - Emergence feedback we're looking at, the current status of Emergence in Germany, and all the good stuff we have coming down the pipe for Emergence players. It's a must-read, so check it out!

SiN Episodes: Emergence Update Released (May.17.2006)
An update for SiN Episodes: Emergence has been released and will be applied automatically when the Steam client is restarted. Here's the changelog:

  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing the challenge to never ease up on the player, making it unforgiving.
  • Fixed a bug that may have been causing sound-stuttering issues for some players.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the fov made you a cheater.
  • Fixed player stats not always reporting while you are in the car or otherwise locked in place.
  • Fixed the instantaneous challenge rating sometimes reporting 0.
  • Fixed a texture problem that was causing a lock-up on some video cards when loading in U4Labs.
  • Fixed a texture problem that was causing a crash on some video cards when fighting the Quadralex.
  • Fixed a texture problem that was causing a crash on some video cards when inside of green poison gas.
  • Fixed a path-finding issue preventing the game from progressing after talking with Radek at his headquarters.
  • Reduced point-size on some fonts to fix some close captioning to not fit for some languages.
  • Fixed a path-finding issue with one map.

Bianca Beauchamp Is G4TV's Babe of the Show! (May.15.2006)
Bianca Beauchamp alias Elexis Sinclaire has been named G4TV's Babe of the Show! Congratulations! Apparently, Elexis always gets exactly what she wants...

SiN Episodes Soundtrack Now On iTunes! (May.12.2006)
The SiN Episodes: Emergence soundtrack is now available on iTunes! For more information, visit the Soundtrack section.

Intelligence Section Updated (May.10.2006)
The final update of the Intelligence section has arrived, spilling the beans on Freeport City, Arch-13, the X-380 Prototype Scattergun, the Recombinant Major, and the HC-969 HardCORPS Medical Transport Chopper.

SiN Episodes Now Unlocked On Steam! (May.10.2006)
That's right, the moment you've all been waiting for! SiN Episodes: Emergence is now unlocked on Steam and can be played immediately by those who pre-ordered and pre-loaded. Enjoy!

Game Overdrive Visits Ritual Entertainment (May.10.2006)
The guys at Game Overdrive recently had a chance to visit Ritual Entertainment and interview several of the core team members. A great article containing their impressions and information on the inner workings of Ritual is now available on their site. Check it out!

New SiN Episodes Video: E3 2006 (May.08.2006)
In the latest SiN Episodes video, we outline the SiN Episodes: Emergence E3 2006 presence, showcasing some B-roll footage of the SiN girls, Bianca Beauchamp and Cindy Synnett at the SiN photoshoot, and demonstrating the new Arena mode being used at E3 for the Vigorgaming "Force Recon" PC giveaway! You can find a list of mirrors right here on the video page.

New SiN Episodes: Emergence Story Trailer (May.04.2006)
There's an all-new SiN Episodes trailer waiting for you in the downloads section, showcasing some of the story threads we're weaving with this episode. As before, the trailer comes in High-def, high-res, PSP, and iPod flavors, so you'll get to enjoy it no matter where you are.

Ritual Podcast: Heliodisplay (May.04.2006)
Several months ago, Ritual visited IO2Technologies in California to check out their innovative Heliodisplay technology, which basically takes a video signal and projects it onto a stream of air. The results are quite amazing, and IO2 actually allowed us to hook SiN Episodes up to their prototype machine and have it display several of our main characters. We captured the whole thing on video and you can check it out in the latest video podcast! There's even a bit of unreleased footage for those who already grabbed the Heliodisplay video off the SiN Episodes site.

Dev Diary: Huge E3 Announcement! (May.03.2006)
The latest developer blog is up and it's full of exciting announcements regarding a new game mode for SiN Episodes: Emergence, as well as the upcoming E3 show and all the cool SiN Episodes-related events we've got planned for it. From the chance to win a customized SiN Episodes gaming machine, as well as real life versions of Elexis Sinclaire and Jessica, we'll have it all! Read the blog update to find out more!

SiN Episodes Voice Cast Interviewed (May.03.2006)
Over at Ritualistic there's a new interview with several members of the SiN Episodes voice cast - namely Hannah Logan (Elexis Sinclaire), Jen Taylor (Jessica Cannon), and Billy O'Sullivan (J.C.) - who spill their guts about working on the game and the characters they play. Have a read!

The Tribe Gets A New Toy (May.01.2006)
The SiN Episodes development team got their hands on a very special item the other day - one rather similar to Jessica's weapon of choice. Custom-built by Bob Mustaine, this puppy is meant for a very special event that we'll reveal more about shortly. In the meantime, check out some of the Tribesmen posing with the new toy:

Intelligence Section Updated (May.01.2006)
More new data profiles have been added to the Intelligence section, spilling the goods about Viktor Radek (including a new wallpaper!), The Cartel, G50 Phosphorous Incendiary Grenades, a SinTEK Research Facility, the SiNTEK A.R.C. Probe, the GLG-20 SinTEK Assault Chopper, and Mutagen Poison. Don't forget to check out the latest two pieces in our Media of the Day section while you're at it!

New SiN Episodes Previews (Mar.01.2006)
Those of you eagerly awaiting the unlock of SiN Episodes: Emergence can check out two brand-new previews of the game on Game Overdrive and Telefragged, both chock-full with information from hands-on time with Emergence!

Ritual Podcast: SiN Episodes Gold Celebrations (Apr.28.2006)
The second episode of the Ritual Podcast is available now, allowing you to watch the development team as they celebrate SiN Episodes: Emergence going gold! Hit the Ritual Podcast page for a list of all the episodes released so far.

Developer Diary: GOLD! (Apr.26.2006)
The latest developer diary is a very special one, revealing that SiN Episodes: Emergence has officially gone gold and is headed off to replication! Read all about it here!

Ritual Podcast Launches (Apr.26.2006)
Today we have another new feature around these parts: The Ritual Podcast. We'll be releasing new episodes regularly, chock-full of information about the inner workings of Ritual Entertainment and our latest projects. The first episode is out now and covers the creation of one of the music cues from SiN Episodes. Head over to the Podcast section on the Ritual website to grab it.

Intelligence Section Updated (Apr.26.2006)
The Intelligence section now has several new profiles, filled with information about Jessica Cannon (including a new wallpaper!), the Bayside Development Sector, the SinTEK Heavy Gunners, and Transibiotic Canisters.

Zak Belica interviewed (Apr.25.2006)
Ritualistic has a new interview with SiN Episodes audio director Zak Belica, covering everything related to the sounds and music you'll be hearing in the game. The interview also includes the cover art for the SiN Episodes soundtrack, so be sure to have a look!

Developer Diary: Episode 2 (Apr.24.2006)
The latest blog update is all about Episode 2, with Shawn discussing in-depth what the various hunting groups at the Tribe are up to. It's an exciting read, so check it out now!

Introducing Media of the Day (Apr.24.2006)
With a little more than two weeks to go until the release of SiN Episodes: Emergence, we've decided to introduce a new feature: Media of the Day. Every day up until release, you guys will get brand-new media from SiN Episodes. These can be anything from screenshots and developer desktops to enviroment studies and even sneak peeks at Episode 2! The first two images are up now - keep checking the Media of the Day gallery every day for new material!

SiN Episodes Steam Skin (Apr.24.2006)
Get your Steam client ready for SiN with this slick blue and yellow design featuring Jessica Cannon! Download it here!

click to enlarge

SiN Episodes Gameplay Video: Car Action (Apr.19.2006)
We've just released a new gameplay video, showing 1 minute and 27 seconds filled with exciting footage from one of the car segments in Emergence. Head on over to the video downloads page for a list of mirrors!

SiN Episodes interview on Shacknews (Apr.19.2006)
Shacknews has a new interview with the SiN Episodes team, chatting extensively about the first episode, Emergence. The interview comes with two brand-new screenshots and be found right here.

Intelligence Section Updated (Apr.19.2006)
The Intelligence section has been updated with several new profiles, containing information about Elexis Sinclaire (including a new wallpaper!), SinTEK Industries, the U4 Lab, the M590 Assault Rifle, and Regenibiotic Canisters. Start digging!

Developer Diary: Tackling Episodic Content (Apr.17.2006)
The latest blog update is here, talking about one of the fundamental concepts of SiN Episodes: The episodic model. This update offers a lot of insights about how we're approaching episodic content with SiN Episodes and why we're structuring the series the way we are. The update also contains two new screenshots, so go check it out!

PC Zone goes hands-on with SiN Episodes: Emergence (Apr.11.2006)
British magazine PC Zone recently stopped by the Ritual Cave to test drive SiN Episodes: Emergence. You can read all about their exploits and see some new screenshots in their preview.

SiN Episodes: Emergence Box Art Revealed (Apr.06.2006)
With the retail version of SiN Episodes: Emergence officially announced, Electronic Arts has also revealed the cover art, so you know what to look for when the game hits the shelves. Click the image to enlarge.

SiN Episodes: Emergence Pre-Loading Now (Apr.05.2006)
SiN Episode 1: Emergence is now available for pre-load and pre-purchase via Steam. The pre-load is free to anyone with a valid Steam account. Those who pre-purchase prior to the game being made available on May 9 will save 10% off the $19.95 price and receive instant access to the original SiN game (single and multiplayer). For more information, visit the Pre-Order section.

SiN Episodes: Emergence in Stores May 9 (Apr.05.2006)
Ritual Entertainment� and Valve� today announced that SiN Episode 1: Emergence will be available in retail outlets on May 9, 2006. Distributed throughout Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand by Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), Emergence is the first in a new series of episodic adventures from Ritual that are powered by the award-winning Source? game engine technology developed by Valve. Click here to read more.

SiN Episodes Website Relaunched! (Apr.05.2006)
As you can probably tell, we've relaunched the site and added several new sections filled with The Good Stuff. Episodes contains information on the individual episodes, while Intelligence will be slowly filling up with details about the SiN Episodes universe. W hile, you're at it, don't forget to check out the new screenshots and the new John Blade desktop!

Steve Nix interviewed on Next Generation (Mar.28.2006)
Next Generation recently stopped by the Ritual offices to interview The Tribe's CEO Steve Nix about the business side of SiN Episodes and the episodic development model. The resulting interview is a rare and very informative look into the thinking behind the project, so be sure to give it a read!

SiN Episodes GDC Coverage (Mar.24.2006)
SiN Episodes: Emergence is on display at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose right now, and several sites have posted their impressions. You can check them out at GameSpot, IGN, Firing Squad, and Shacknews. If reading isn't for you, both GameSpot and IGN also have several gameplay videos.

Developer Diary: Holographic SiNs (Mar.22.2006)
Recently Ritual VP Tom Mustaine had a chance to visit IO2technology and hook up SiN Episodes: Emergence to one of their Heliodisplay units. His exploits are detailed in the latest developer diary, along with exclusive footage of SiN Episodes running on the Heliodisplay. Don't miss it!

SiN Episodes interview on Firing Squad (Mar.15.2006)
A new SiN Episodes interview has emerged (ha ha) on Firing Squad, talking with the Levelord, Steve Nix, and Steve Hessel about the series, and even comes with a few snippets about episode 2. Fire away!

2404 interviews the Levelord on SiN Episodes (Mar.15.2006)
2404 is the latest site to chat with the Levelord about SiN Episodes: Emergence. Take a look!

TotalVideoGames interviews the Levelord on SiN Episodes (Mar.15.2006)
TotalVideoGames got ahold of the Levelord for an extensive interview about SiN Episodes: Emergence and the future of the series. Have a look!

SiN Episodes Featured on (Mar.15.2006) takes a look at the episodic games coming our way, with SiN Episodes as one of the games featured in the article. Check it out!

SiN Episodes Video Interview on GameTrailers (Mar.8.2006)
Last week, dispatched a camera crew to the Ritual offices to chat with several of the SiN Episodes team members and managed to squeeze a few interesting bits of information out of them. The resulting video is now available for download, so be sure to watch!

GameDaily interviews Levelord and Tom Mustaine (Mar.6.2006)
The Levelord and Ritual VP Tom Mustaine talk to GameDaily about SiN Episodes, including the distribution model, playing as different characters, and more. Make it so!

Status update and new screenshot (Mar.6.2006)
Gaming website VoodooExtreme managed to get a brief SiN Episodes status update out of Shawn Ketcherside, along with a new screenshot showing Freeport City. Have a look! interviews Steve Hessel (Mar.5.2006)
SiN Episodes fansite sat down with Community Relations Manager Steve Hessel to chat about SiN Episodes: Emergence. Topics covered include bosses, vehicles, weapons, and more. Get reading!

Shawn Ketcherside interviewed (Mar.1.2006)
Computer & Video Games has a new interview with SiN Episodes head honcho Shawn Ketcherside, revealing a few interesting story bits and covering plans for upcoming episodes. Check it out!

Developer Diary: Using Context Look to expand the story (Mar.1.2006)
We have a new developer blog update for you guys today, revealing more about one of the little talked-about features of the game: Context Look. Among other things, Context Look allows us to convey more story information to those who want it, which is great for players who have to know every little detail. Check out the blog section for the scoop on Context Look.

ELGN to air live SiN Episodes interview tonight (Mar.1.2006)
Internet radio service ELGN will be interviewing members of the SiN Episodes team tonight at 10 PM EST on The G-Spot Show. To listen in, head on over to and select 'Steam 1.'

SiN Episodes to be featured on G4TV (Feb.24.2006)
SiN Episodes will be featured on G4TV's Cinematech this Monday at 2 PM Eastern Time. Set your TiVos!

Developer Diary: Beta! (Feb.23.2006)
The latest SiN Episodes blog update is here, announcing that the game has officially gone beta! Shawn also talks about the growing trend of episodic gaming, so be sure and give it a read!

The SiNful advantages of episodic distribution (Feb.23.2006)
With episodic gaming being the new buzzword around the industry, Ritualistic takes a closer look at the benefits episodic distribution offers to gamers in an article titled "Why Go Episodic?" Check it out!

SiN Episodes: Emergence interview on Mod HQ (Feb.16.2006)
A new SiN Episodes: Emergence interview can be found on Mod HQ, talking with the Levelord and Steve Hessel about the engine, the episodic model, community input, locations, and more! Give it a look!

SiN Episodes: Emergence is PC Gamer UK's Most Wanted (Feb.13.2006)
SiN Episodes: Emergence soars to the #1 spot of PC Gamer UK's submission-based Most Wanted list! For more information, pick up the March issue of the magazine, which will be hitting the shelves this week.

SiN Episodes: Emergence interview on Extreme Players (Feb.10.2006)
The folks at Extreme Players sat down with the Tribe to chat about SiN Episodes: Emergence. Topics covered include the premise of the game, the episodic format, engine changes, and more. The interview comes in English and German.

SiN Episodes: Emergence Gameplay Trailer Released! (Feb.08.2006)
The first official SiN Episodes: Emergence Gameplay Trailer is now available, showing off no less than 2 minutes and 50 seconds of action-packed footage from the first episode. It comes in four flavors - low and high resolution PC, as well as PSP and iPod - so you can enjoy it no matter where you are. We also have a new blog update talking about the footage shown in the trailer as well as the current status of the game. Enjoy!

SiN Episodes Featured on Yahoo Games (Feb.01.2006)
Yahoo Games is the latest site to take a look at SiN Episodes in this two-page preview. There's also an , talking with director of development Tom Mustaine about the game.

SiN Episodes Among GameSpy's Most Wanted (Feb.01.2006)
SiN Episodes is among GameSpy's Most Wanted Games of 2006! Have a look!

New SiN Episodes Screenshot, Music, and Blog Update (Jan.26.2006)
We're beginning to open the SiN Episodes goodie bag with a brand-new screenshot showing off the new SinTEK soldiers, a music track from the game, as well as a new blog update discussing the latest happenings in the world of SiN.

CES 2006 Pictures (Jan.24.2006)
As previously reported, Ritual Tribesmen were on hand at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2006 to show off SiN Episodes in all its glory at the Microsoft booth. For those who couldn't make it to the show, we now have this convenient photo set on the Ritual website, so you too can experience a piece of the trade show cake.

Dynamic Difficulty System Explained (Jan.20.2006)
Ritualistic has an article explaining the inner workings of the Dynamic Difficulty System in SiN Episodes. Check it out!

GameDaily Previews SiN Episodes (Jan.20.2006)
The GameDaily folks got to spend some play time with SiN Episodes at CES and have written up their impression. Give them a read!

More SiN Episodes CES Coverage (Jan.19.2006)
More great previews of SiN Episodes based on hands-on gaming time at this year's Consumer Electronics Show can be found on both Shacknews and Digital Entertainment News.

SiN Episodes CES Coverage (Jan.11.2006)
Several members of the gaming press stopped by our booth at CES to check out SiN Episodes, and they all walked away quite excited, to say the least. The first round of hands-on previews can be found on 1UP, GameSpot, IGN, and GameSpy, while game footage and video interviews are up at both 1UP and GameSpot.

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