Freeport City

Freeport City, population 27 million bodies. A futuristic clash of San Francisco, Tokyo, and Seattle; Freeport City is leviathan of a metropolis, providing a home to the super rich elite, the poverty stricken masses, and an every shrinking middle class, struggling to maintain a lifestyle in a shifting morass of economic and political warfare. A shadow is slowly creeping across the city, mutant sightings are on the rise. Lumped in the same category as UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster, these claims are generally dismissed as products of drugs, alcohol, mental illness, or explainable phenomena. Yet, the raw volume of unexplained crime and the exponential rise in the claims has even the most rich and elite checking over their shoulders. The lines between rich and poor are skewing farther and farther apart, and tensions are growing as the poor become more and more disaffected and the rich elite further sequester themselves in their seats of power.