M90 Magnum

Blade wields a modified version of the standard issue HardCORPS side arm. Equipped with an extended clip and a bored chamber, Blade�s magnum is capable of dropping even well armored foes. Custom balanced for Blade�s particular style, the Magnum is equally deadly at any range, making the weapon useful in almost any situation.

Primary Fire � Custom crafted 9mm ammunition, capable of penetrating armor and shallow cover.

Secondary Fire � D.U.A.G (Depleted Uranium Anti � Gen) Round. Rare but extraordinarily powerful, the DUAG rounds transform the magnum into a certifiable hand-cannon. The Magnum�s secondary fire uses depleted uranium rounds with a destabilizing antigen component. The result is a bullet that will kill most foes in a single shot and is capable of penetrating through all but the most hardened cover. Walls, Pillars, Pipes � None of these deter the raw killing power of the DUAG round.