Sin Episodes: Emergence

Up until the 1.4 patch, we only received data from players when they explicitly opened the Stats interface, navigated to the last panel, and pressed "Upload Stats", an undocumented feature. As a result, initially a very small percentage of players actually submitted statistics for us. Further, they could do this at any time; so many players submitted stats at the beginning of the game, rather than at the end of the game. Even so, we received thousands of submissions and we are very thankful for everyone who voluntarily submitted. It has helped us better understand our community's play-styles.

Submission Info

HardCORPS: 2.73% Percentage of players who turned on HardCORPS mode, which is only available after you complete the game once. In HardCORPS mode, you cannot save the game so you therefore have only a single life. Your score is based on how challenging you make the game vs. how far you progress.
Cheaters: 10.94% Percentage of players who turned on cheats at any point during their game. We don't mind if players do this, but in HardCORPS mode we hide your scores so that friends can compare their scores.
Percent completed: 21.74% Percentage of players who finished the game. This number is much lower than what we suspect is the actual number of completed games, because most players did not know they could upload stats, or did not submit after they finished the game.
Average total playtime: 01:17:19 This is the average time spent playing the game regardless of whether or not the player has completed the game.
Average completion time: 04:57:04 This is the average time spent playing the game, except that this only includes games that have been completed (completed the last map of the game).

Completion Time

This graph shows the bell curve of time played vs. percentage of players that played for that duration. Again, we see the 4.5 hour mark as being the average time. Here we can see that most people complete the game around 5 hours. There is an upswing after the 12 hour mark; this represents all the folks who take longer and probably the players looking for all the secrets.
0.00 0.14 0.10 0.91 4.26 8.96 12.85 13.44 11.93 10.26 8.19 6.58 5.17 3.87 2.86 2.22 1.71 1.26 1.03 0.78 0.53 0.49 0.46 2.01

Secrets Found

Number of secrets found in the game vs. percentage of players who found that many. The number drops off sharply, which we believe indicates that most players do not explicitly look for secrets. In the future we'll be collecting data to determine which secrets were most found and when, so we can get more data towards players' attitudes towards secrets. Up until the 1.4 patch, there was no way to capture every secret in the game due to a bug. This has finally been fixed!
73.2080 12.1592 7.6639 3.5671 1.6426 0.6755 0.3888 0.1264 0.1312 0.1021 0.0680 0.0389 0.0535 0.0194 0.1409

Weapon Kills

This bar graph shows the percentage of kills for each weapon in our game. The magnum is the clear winner, though that is probably because it is the first weapon you get. We worked very hard to make all the weapons equally beneficial; hopefully in subsequent episodes we'll see these numbers even out even more.
51.22 20.98 18.63 1.13 4.49 3.55

Average Deaths Per Map

This graph simply shows how many times people died per level. Much like a traditional single-player game, the most deaths come at the end of the game. When we originally built SiN Episodes Emergence, the Personal Challenge System (our dynamic difficulty system) didn't exist. Even though the experience between one player and another can be dramatically different in terms of challenge, for any given player the end of the game is still much more challenging than the beginning.
0.0053 0.0000 0.0004 0.5904 1.3491 1.7583 1.6045 2.4971 2.1708 0.8097 0.5311 2.5042 5.1231 7.9957 6.4728 9.2894 8.3858

Challenge Level

We were curious to know what challenge level players would choose. The default value, 20, gives what we believe to be a good experience for most casual players. So we left a lot of room for folks to raise the value, and of course room to lower it. We split the 100 possible settings up into 4 buckets, to get the pie-chart you see here.
67.93 22.02 5.44 4.62

Assistance Level

Our assistance slider was a unique feature that allows you to control how quickly the game helps you out when you get stuck. It really lets you tell the game what kind of experience you want. We had players at Ritual who never ever want help and players who like a really tough challenge but get frustrated quickly. The default value was 50, so we can see that a lot of players chose to get more help when they got stuck. Once again we've split the 100 possible settings up into 4 buckets.
5.27 71.39 10.16 13.18

HardCORPS High Scores

Below are the top 10 scores for HardCORPS mode. These scores are anonymous because our data collection is anonymous. Regrettably the scoring model for HardCORPS mode is a lot different then for Arena Mode; that is why you see much smaller scores here compared to Arena Mode.
# Time Challenge Score
1 00:02:59 100 6989
2 08:02:32 58 4120
3 01:19:28 100 4093
4 02:04:03 100 4044
5 01:40:19 100 3896
6 01:53:00 100 3837
7 00:55:30 100 3786
8 00:52:21 100 3770
9 07:14:43 58 3733
10 02:10:36 100 3727